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WAG Wednesday Part 25 – Sam Cooke

28 Mar

Young, promising, athletic, versatile, a salary of £50,000 a week, and an integral part of Manchester United’s present and future. What more could Chris Smalling ask for? How about Sam Cooke. Seems only logical that such an up-and-coming talent would attract a bombshell like Cooke, right?

Not really. He’s f*ck ugly. And no, she’s not attracted to his personality. Cooke frequents The Sun on a weekly basis posing half naked or in many cases completely topless. So it’s safe to assume she wouldn’t recognize personality if it hit her in the face.

But this shouldn’t be an indictment of her poor taste. Whether it’s Chris Smalling, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, or the Pillsbury Dough Boy, she’ll still melt your face no matter who she dates. Continue reading


WAG Wednesday Part 24 – Olivia Godfrey

10 Aug

While the city of London and other parts of England burn, the opening weekend of the Premiere League season faces postponement to allow for order to be restored. While your favorite players may fail to appear on television screens for another week, you can be sure that Olivia Godfrey will still feature each and every day on Sky Sports News (simulcast in America on Fox Soccer Channel), much to your heart’s delight.

Plenty more pictures of this beautiful presenter after the jump. And for a more extensive preview of the Sky Sports presenters who will appear throughout the season, check out the TV Babes of England. Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 23 – Women’s World Cup

6 Jul

Please forgive me for not having presented the best football being played in the world right now (apologies to MLS, Copa America, and the “racially biased” Russian league), and you need look no further than the Women’s World Cup in Germany. Not only are there as many group stage goals now, twenty games in, as there were in South Africa last summer (51 compared to 39), but a number of them are some of the best pieces of technique and brilliance you will see all year.

Top of the list has to be the thunderous strike from East Brunswick, New Jersey’s very own Heather O’Reilly on Saturday afternoon against Sweden. O’Reilly latched on to the ball from about 30 yards out and ripped it inside-out past a keeper who couldn’t do anything but watch. Adding to the goal’s greatness was, of course, Ian Darke’s commentary – a voice that can make a great goal stand the tests of time. It was also personally special for this author, who had the pleasure of watching Heather in high school as she single-handedly tore apart team after team throughout the state. A trip to powerhouse North Carolina, taking up Mia Hamm’s number nine shirt, and a career that brought her all the way to Germany with that strike the other day, made it a truly special moment to watch.

Now unlike the Men’s World Cup last summer when countless models only conditionally stated they would strip, these girls have the mettle to actually do so. Therefore, in order to welcome the world to their country, the German team shed all for Playboy just before the tournament began. German hospitality, eh?

As for the rest of the lot, we’ve already had our first Brandi Chastian moment of the tournament. While celebrating with some home fans in the corner following her team’s 1-0 win over North Korea, Josefine Oqvist was greeted by a German fan looking to swap shirts in true post-game fashion. And just like her fellow German footballers, the straw-haired Swedish bombshell showed some skin, much to the delight of every fan in that section.



With that, you have every reason you need to watch this tournament. More photos of Josefine after the jump: Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 22 – Federica Nargi

15 Jun

Mama mia. Juventus striker Alessandro Matri chose his fiance quite well.

Nargi, a 21 year old Italian dancer and showgirl, is a former Miss Rome and also stars on a number of…does it really matter? I could have stopped at mama mia and done her plenty of justice. Matri has performed relatively well for Juventus this past season, and better continue to do so if he wants his lady friend to stick around.

More after the jump: Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 21 – Svetlana Raznatovic

30 Mar

Don’t let her bubbly assets fool you as we christen the very first “criminal intent” version of WAG Wednesday. She is as honest and moral as those boobs are real. Ms. Raznatovic aka Ceca is a famous Serbian pop singer, although her glamorous life and star status in the eyes of the public came to a screeching halt when she married Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, leader of the paramilitary force known as Arkan’s Tigers who were accused of committing genocide and crimes against humanity during the Kosovo War. Arkan was assassinated before he could be brought to trial.

Now widowed, Ceca was left with two children and FK Obilic – the soccer team her husband owned. As of today, they sit in the lowest league possible although it has not shielded her from controversy.

Ceca is due in court after she was indicted by the prosecutor’s office in Belgrade for embezzling money on the sale of ten players from the club to the tune of almost 11 millions euros. The club rarely saw any of the transfer money as most wound up in her pocket.

A cold-hearted bitch? Perhaps. You think the ladies in prison will complain if she becomes they’re new play pal? No chance. Find out why after the jump.

Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 20 – Alessia Ventura

26 Jan

This Italian beauty stole the heart of one of Europe’s greatest ageless wonders, Pippo Inzaghi. The 37-year-old Milan striker has spent the last ten years of his career chasing down the finest tail northern Italy has to offer. However, the time has come for him to settle down, and it took nothing less than this stunning model to corral him.

Ventura has spent her entire life modeling, and now is the face of a sports talk show on Sunday evening called Controcampo. Excellent career move.

More pics after the jump: Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 19 – Kayla Collins

12 Jan

Ashley Cole’s blockbuster divorce from Cheryl in late 2010 rocked the tabloid world and sent shock waves throughout millions of households worldwide… Okay so maybe that’s a bit over the top. Still, the high profile split put Cashley right back into the WAG game and he wasted no time finding a new mistress in 24-year-old American Playboy playmate Kayla Collins. Other than appearing naked in the August 2008 issue, Collins has been waiting for her next big gig to launch her into the spotlight. That gig has finally come in the form of the Chelsea and England left back.

How serious are they? Well Cole has already invited her to move into his lavish Surrey mansion, and they’ve been dating less than a month. Sooo, the sex must be great or she has a great personality… Judging by these pictures, I’ll go with option A. (As always, her Playboy spread is for you to seek out on your own. We’re children friendly here!) Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 18 – Nina Senicar

22 Dec

BREAKING NEWS for this edition of WAG Wednesday. Novella 2000, a popular Italian gossip site, broke the news on Sunday that the brother of Roma forward Marco Borriello, Fabio Borriello, was spotted with Nina Senicar. It’s clearly hearsay at the moment and neither party has admitted the dating rumors or true, but this photo is more than enough proof for me!

Fabio won a professional contract to play football on a reality TV show back in 2005, and his career has been anything but successful. A few stints in the second division saw minimal playing time, and forced the 24-year-old into free agency. Clearly, his older brother possesses the better football genes, but WAG poaching seems to be a Borriello family trade. Marco recently dated the insatiable Belen Rodriguez, and now Fabio has one-upped him with the Serbian-born beauty.

Highlights of Fabio’s playing don’t exist. Highlights of his new squeeze right this way… Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 17 – Alena Seredova

15 Dec

Deciding if Alena or her fiance is more beautiful is one of the toughest questions facing football fans today. Her fiance, of course, is Gigi Buffon – the longtime Juventus keeper who is one of the best Italian looking Italians out there. However, today is WAG Wednesday, not stag Wednesday, so lets just focus on the 32-year-old Czech model.

Seredova is an extremely successful model for, among others, Penthouse Europe and Playboy Europe (feel free to research those pictorials on your own). She is also the co-owner of an Italian clothing line called Baci e Abbracci along with serial WAG playboy Christian Vieri. And she may be the only model known to man who has not slept with Vieri at some point.

Oh yeh, she also does photo shoots with her younger sister…enjoy! Continue reading

Sara Carbonero Doesn’t Like Bad Jokes

14 Dec

(fast forward to 2:13)

Somebody is taking shots at my girl, and he should mind his surroundings from now on.

José Ramón de la Morena Pozuelo is a popular and renowned sports journalist for Spanish radio station Cadena SER. He and Sara Carbonero were presenting at the Premios 40 Principales awards ceremony in Madrid (their version of the Grammys more or less) last weekend when it came time to present the award for Best Spanish Language Female Artist.

Rather than read the card in front of him with Shakira’s name on it, de la Morena announced, “and the winner is…Iker Casillas!” For some reason the crowd, clearly not paying any attention at all to the proceedings, began cheering as though a real winner was announced. They seemed almost completely aloof to the fact that the best goalkeeper in the country just “won” an award for a female artist.

More importantly though, look at poor Sara. Look at her face and that feeling of disgust. That feeling of wanting to find a hole to crawl into. How dare this guy embarrass her like that on national television! Is he upset that she wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole? Is he suffering from insecurity issues standing next to the most beautiful WAG/TV Babe on this planet?

As for the joke itself, it doesn’t make much sense anyway. Casillas never dated the Columbian, and Gerard Pique is the focus of most tabloids these days when it comes to Shakira. So he sounds like even more of an idiot.

Somebody should teach this guy some manners. Because he’s a radio guy, he has the luxury of sitting in a room in an undisclosed location, with the freedom to say whatever he wants to whomever he pleases. No threat of retaliation or physical harm. But when you are standing alongside true beauty, the girlfriend of La Roja’s captain, you conduct yourself like a gentleman. You act your age, not your shoe size.

Now that we settled that issue, Sara looks pretty damn good, no?

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