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The perfect girlfriend

28 Sep

Meet Mélody Donchet. The 20 year old Frenchie has freestyle skills that make your jaw drop. She also happens to be rather cute.

She is: the perfect girlfriend.


Barcelona Man Love

28 Sep

Dani Alves and Victor Valdes share a very similar last name. The other day, they decided to share a little bit more than just a name. In a moment of uncensored aggresive and passionate lust, Valdes thrusted himself into the Barcelona right back.

If Victor ever wondered why women always wanted to turn the lights off during sex, he need only look at this picture. Look at Busquets! He can’t get away fast enough!

You don’t become one of the best clubs in recent memory without off the field bonding and team unity. This union may be a bit too much for comfort though.

Kid gets a face full of goal post

27 Sep

Here’s a prime example of following your shot. After taking a rather dreadful PK, the shooter chases down the rebound hoping to slot the ball into an empty net with the goalie having lunged in the opposite direction. Problem is, the shooter is TERRIBLY slow and allows the goalie to scramble back and tackle the ball away…

What happens next is fabulous. The poor kid eats the post with an emphatic clank, sending head and body flying backwards. At least his teammate was around to knock the ball in off the other team for a well deserved own goal. From all accounts, the kid may have the post tattooed on his face for a little.

Ball boys gone mad

24 Sep

On Wednesday, Belgian side Lierse hosted Anderlicht in Round 8 of the Pro League, and made the experience none too easy for the visitors. Especially goalkeeper Silvio Proto. After retrieving his own ball for a goal kick, one of Lierse’s ball boys gave him a piece of mind – instead of the ball. So good in fact, that Proto looks over his shoulder three times before getting back on the field where he is subsequently hit by flying debris.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what was said, but the kid didn’t stop there. After the match was over, he waited on the sideline to confront the goalkeeper as stewards struggled to keep the little fire cracker at bay. No punches were thrown, except for a rather sarcastic round of applause.

Which got me thinking – this is surely not the first time ball boys have caused trouble with opponents. Here is some video evidence to back it up:

Tottenham ball boy vs Famagusta

Chelsea ball boy snubs Gerrard handshake

Brazil ball boy scores a goal…THAT COUNTS

Tottenham “ball man” vs Robert Pires

Hannover ball boy vs crazy Jens Lehman

Cruyff has asteroid named after him

23 Sep

According to De Telegraaf, asteroid 14282 has been renamed Johan Cruyff after an initiative led by Dutch science journalist Carl Koppeschaar. Cruyff is 9km in diameter and makes its way around the sun every 5 years, 3 months, and 18 days. It can currently be found over 400 million km from the sun in between Mars and Jupiter.

Koppeschaar started a petition to rename the asteroid after the Dutch great a few years back. “He was not only a great football, but also very committed to his Foundation and others. Now, he is the first Dutch sports champion in the sky.” Koppeschaar tried to contact Cruyff to inform him of the news before it became public. Cruyff, however, was too busy criticizing someone or something in the world of football.

Cruyff the asteroid was discovered by astronomer couple Ingrid and Cees van Houten.

As if he really needed something else to inflate his ego.

Fat Ronaldo sneaks up on his teammate

23 Sep

So this popped up on Fat Ronaldo’s twitter page on Tuesday. The helpless sap bending over to receive Ronaldo’s man juice is Dentinho – a 21 year old striker for Corinthians. Fat Ronaldo’s tweet read as follows:

“@mlkdentinho amarrando cadarco do tenis na musculacao ! Acho q ele nao viu quem tava atras…”

“Dentinho tying his shoe laces in the gym. Guess he didn’t see who was standing behind him…!”

Turns out the whole thing was a joke staged by fatty himself. I think it’s safe to say Ronaldo has lost any urge to utilize the weight room and get back in shape. As long as he stays away from those trannies, I’ve got no problem with his priorities. Makes for good material, no?

Thierry Henry’s new crib

23 Sep

All the necessary specs and pictures to make your mouth water. [Daily Mail]

Hello world!

21 Sep

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Biggest cheat in history

21 Sep

I’m at a loss here. Have you EVER seen a finer piece of acting on the pitch? I thought Drogba, Ronaldo, Busquets, and Dani Alves were the trend-setters, but this lady has taken it to a whole new level. She has cheated the game in the most abhorrent and impressive way possible. Her name is Ramona Bachmann of the Swiss national team…neutral my ass. The offense took place in a World Cup qualifier against England last week.

Let’s look at the “attack” specifically. Rachel Brown, England’s keeper, clearly took a double swipe at her opponent. A fierce haymaker to the right side of the head coupled with a swift chop at the right ankle sending poor Ms. Bachmann to the floor like a sack of bricks. You would need a special code to pull that off in a video game let alone real life.

Brown should be ashamed of herself. Disgracing her country with such a pre-meditated and vicious attack. She even has the nerve to stand over Bachmann’s lifeless body and taunt her, with arms out as if to say, “Had enough?! Want another round?! There’s a lot more where that came from!”

Thankfully, justice was served. Brown received a straight red for her actions and has been forced to go into hiding. At least the referees are doing a good job out there.

Jessica Kastrop is Cruel

20 Sep

I really wish the title could have read, “The gift that keeps on giving.” Unfortunately, Ms. Kastrop put the kibosh on that one.

It has been almost a month since that famous Saturday afternoon when an errant ball from Khalid Boularouz struck the Sky reporter in the back of the head (it never gets old). A moment which vaulted her onto every computer and television screen around the world. And if she thought that was bad enough, Khalid rubbed salt in the wound the following week by supplying her with a dopey looking helmet – or a match made in heaven for Petr Cech depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, Playboy Magazine, always trying to make a dollar off an innocent young woman’s moment of fame, approached Ms. Kastrop after the incident.

In an interview with, Jessica explained:

“I received an offer from Playboy and rejected it. I would never do it that’s for sure.”

Sad face…To be honest, a classy photo for Playboy would be much less embarrassing than the sideshow she became over a two week period. Fans of all ages were convulsing in laughter from Bangkok to Boise. How could this be any worse?!

Apparently, the offer was not extended to her dog, to which she is contractually bound for all photo ops. So I can understand her reasoning for rejecting it.

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