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Scouse in the City – Kim Cattrall attends Liverpool match

9 Nov

Once a scouse, always a scouse. Kim Cattrall, better known as Samantha Jones having more than plenty of sex in the city, re-embraced her childhood roots by attending the Liverpool vs Chelsea match over the weekend at Anfield.

Liverpool captain Stevie Gerrard invited Cattrall as his guest to sit in his private box, just in front of the skipper’s bodacious blonde wife, Alex Curran. And while Curran undoubtedly recognized the Sex in the City star, I can assure you the feeling wasn’t mutual. I guess making the back pages for prancing around in Gucci handbags with your children dressed in Louis Vuitton outfits is not breaking news outside of England.

You’re probably unaware of the fact that Cattrall was born in Liverpool and promptly relocated with her family to Canada at 3 months. However, she returned at the age of 11 when her grandmother became ill, until departing once again at the age of 16. The year of her departure saw Liverpool win the English First Division and UEFA Cup, a nice sending off for the aspiring actress.

Scheduled to perform in a production of Antony and Cleopatra in Liverpool’s Playhouse theater, Cattrall could be seen belting out the club’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” both before and after the match. And rightfully so, as her club defeated league leading Chelsea 2-0 off two splendid Fernando Torres goals.

More photos of Kim’s afternoon after the jump:

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22 Oct

You gotta love the Chinese. Check out their cartoon rendition of Gillett and Hicks’ takeover of Liverpool, its demise, and eventual sale.

Courtesy of The Telegraph

Follow Liverpool’s D-Day LIVE on the Guardian!!

12 Oct

On the most important day in Liverpool Football Club’s history, Gillett and Hicks are off to the high court to block the sale of their club to NESV.

Follow the play-by-play account of proceedings from individuals in attendance at the court. CLICK HERE

The Spirit of Shankly take their protests worldwide

28 Sep
There is never a dull moment with Liverpool – especially when the Spirit of Shankly is running things. You know in Argentina and other parts of South America, the barra bravas (their hooligan ultras) actually have a say in club policy. It is common knowledge that these supporter groups can nominate candidates and manipulate elections and club policy. The Spirit of Shankly is simply a bunch of idiots who have zero say in any matter of Liverpool Football Club and resort to bullying tactics and pathetic displays of protest against their American owners. Nothing they do, or have ever done, has forced the club to act one way or another. As one Daily Mail columnist explained a few months back in response to a planned march, the fans were marching from a bar they would be at anyway before the match to a stadium they were planning to be at anyway for the match. Great planning guys.

The Spirit of Shankly has made the Liverpool ownership position the most undesirable job on the planet. Who in their right mind would want to buy this club? One wrong decision and they’ll take to the streets, or they will sing to the demise of the owner’s home country, or spit in his face, or stage sit-ins after the game, or carry out a real protest by not – o wait, they’ve never once boycotted matches.

And let’s just say the club are sold, all is well? Liverpool magically climb from 16th position? The team miraculously stops sucking? No. They will continue to lose and be a sub-par team. But at least the Yanks would be out.

Now that we’ve covered that, the Spirit of Shankly has carried out a new audacious campaign barring Hicks and Gillette from every corner of the world. It is actually mildly humorous, but also a sure sign of the pathetic desperation these fans have resorted to.

More photos after the jump:

(Photos courtesy of Marca)

Daniel Agger is my hero

21 Sep

Daniel Agger is fed up with Woy Hodgson’s tactics. He’s fed up with English tactics.

On a local television show in Denmark, the Liverpool center back unloaded on his manager:

“The manager has a philosophy that we’re playing football further up the pitch and then you have to play a different kind of football at the back.

That’s not my style. That’s not the type of football player I am. I like to keep the ball on the ground. And I’m going to keep doing that. Whether he’ll use me or not, time will tell.”

Absolutely brilliant Danny boy. It’s no secret how much I detest the English style of play – limited ability to possess for significant lengths of time, resulting in long balls and clearing lines without regard for the simple pass. Playing further up the pitch would be construed as an attacking mentality, and it is. However, it is far from efficient if play begins with a defenseman kicking the ball as far as he can. Why give yourself a 50% chance of winning possession when you can have 100% assurance from a timely, simple, well executed pass? Last time I checked, Barcelona’s back line play at midfield and you’ll never see a long ball.

I admire Agger for taking a stand. How could you not? A mainland European player, with an astute ability to hold possession with composure, speaking out against a system that neglects such individual ability. Yes, the pace of the English game is unlike any other and makes for exciting open play. But it is sloppy, rash, uncalculated, and outdated.

The current European Champion, the current World Cup champion, and the last five Champions League winners have played the non-English way (Manchester United is debatable). That is more than enough context to support Agger’s complaint.

“I’ll have to adjust a bit. But to be honest, I’m not going to adjust 100%. I’m a footballer who keeps the ball on the floor. I’m here to play, not to unload.”

Don’t adjust even 1%. Best case scenario, he gets sold to an Italian or Spanish club in January where his style of play is enforced and employed. England is no place for the beautiful game.

*On a side note – if you watched Liverpool lose to United over the weekend, you may be quick to chastise Torres for marooning himself as a lone striker. True, but also shortsighted. His teammates left him there on his own, as Mereiles and Gerrard sat too deep, Maxi Rodriguez showed little creativity, and Joe Cole, well, he’s crap. Not to mention the fact that Liverpool had scored only two goals going into the weekend (and got two more on set pieces). You call that attacking football Roy? Perhaps you should listen to your center back. I think he’s got a point…

Matches You Can’t Miss This Weekend

17 Sep

Amid the endless number of football matches available for viewing this weekend, here’s three can’t miss encounters. That means – unless your girlfriend is dragging you to some lame brunch with her parents (which is still not a decent excuse), get your ass to a TV and watch!


The bitterest and most hotly contested of the northwest derbies. Pride and much needed confidence boosts are on the line Sunday at Old Trafford – perhaps more for the players involved than the teams themselves.

Wayne Rooney, who as one United correspondent so aptly described as filling ‘more column space than the Iraq war in recent week,’ needs to get back in the headlines for good things. Between cheating on his pregnant wife and playing terrible, anonymous football, Rooney needs to up his game and what better platform than this. Luckily for United, Berbatov has started to show his £30 million worth. Rio Ferdinand is back from injury. Can he sure up a United defense which has shipped four points and more injury time goals in the past two weeks than SAF’s already red face can take?

As for the Scousers, Fernando Torres is reeling from a week where former player Jamie Redknapp called him ‘diabolical, just diabolical.” Rather harsh from a relatively mediocre player in his time. Not to mention the fact that Liverpool fans are already questioning Torres’ attitude and overall form in general, which have been well below his standard recently. More than simply a good game, Torres needs to score. And what about the new manager thrown into his biggest league match to date? Can Woy stop being the nicest man in England and show some grit to lead his team to victory?

Looking at the larger picture, Liverpool cannot afford to lose more ground on those European spots. A point would do, but three would be better. Manchester United need to recoup some confidence as well, since it seems unlikely Chelsea and Arsenal will drop points in the near future. All to play for.


This is one of those games where the football is secondary. Where the patches on the shirt and regional pride go to the very heart of the matter, not just the game on the field. It may not be the lion’s den of San Mames, but Anoeta will surely be an intimidating setting for the Royal Whites as 32,000 raucous Basque supporters will make every touch of the ball a living hell for the Madrileños.

Nothing – no derby, no cup final, no 1 vs 2 – can rival the atmosphere that will engulf San Sebastian on Saturday afternoon.

As for the football itself, there is no reason it shouldn’t be an entertaining affair. Real Madrid are clearly still finding their identity under Mourinho and have not impressed by any means. Real Sociedad, on the other hand, are coming off a disappointing draw on Monday at Almeria (if only because they blew the lead twice – the equalizer in the 90th minute) but have begun the campaign positively with productive football. No real favorite in this one.

The cherry on top is Xabi Alonso’s homecoming – returning to his childhood club for the first time since leaving for Liverpool in 2004. The final game of that season, Alonso pitched in a goal as they utterly demolished Madrid 4-1 at the Bernabeu. It will surely be a bittersweet return for one of Sociedad’s most successful exports.

Previous encounters: Real Madrid won 2-1 on their last trip to Anoeta. Eight of the previous ten matches have been close affairs with neither team scoring more than two goals a piece.


Open, flowing, beautiful football will be on display Sunday.

I mentioned in a column the other day that this would be a game for Barcelona to dread. Atlético are the only club in Spain in recent years to successfully exploit Barcelona’s high defensive line with ruthless speed and precision.
From Barcelona’s standpoint, this trip to the Vicente Calderon could not have come at a more inopportune time, depending on how you look at it. That loss to Hercules has not faded from fans’ memories and the midweek thrashing of Panathinaikos was simply a band aid. So on the one hand, a win on Sunday against a club which has always given them problems will bring some much needed confidence back to the Camp Nou. However, lose and drop farther down the table a week after the Hercules debacle, and there will be more than a few nervous supporters (including this one).

As for Atlético Madrid, are they for real? UEFA Super Cup champs and top of the league after two impressive wins, are they the team to finally challenge the top two? This match will go a long way to answer that question.

Expect plenty of goals. 31 goals have been scored in the previous six matches. No less than three in each of those games. Atlético has also won two of the last three in absolutely breathtaking fashion.


There are FOUR regional/city derbies this weekend. Not too shabby – especially when you consider the Bundesliga is the most competitive league in Europe right now. Do your best to catch any of the following:

Schalke vs Borussia Dortmund – The nastiest of them all. A large number of Dortmund fans have boycotted the match since Schalke decided to raise ticket prices for the visiting supporters by 50%. Dortmund coach Juergen Klopp then took the opportunity to throw a jab at his last place adversaries, ‘fans are apparently not in the mood to finance Huntelaar’s [€14 million] transfer.’

St. Pauli vs Hamburg – Hamburg derby

Kaiserslautern vs Hoffenheim – Regional derby

Wolfsburg vs Hannover – Lower Saxony derby
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