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WAG Wednesday Part 17 – Alena Seredova

15 Dec

Deciding if Alena or her fiance is more beautiful is one of the toughest questions facing football fans today. Her fiance, of course, is Gigi Buffon – the longtime Juventus keeper who is one of the best Italian looking Italians out there. However, today is WAG Wednesday, not stag Wednesday, so lets just focus on the 32-year-old Czech model.

Seredova is an extremely successful model for, among others, Penthouse Europe and Playboy Europe (feel free to research those pictorials on your own). She is also the co-owner of an Italian clothing line called Baci e Abbracci along with serial WAG playboy Christian Vieri. And she may be the only model known to man who has not slept with Vieri at some point.

Oh yeh, she also does photo shoots with her younger sister…enjoy! Continue reading


Italian racism strikes yet again

18 Nov

Mario Balotelli always seems to find the headlines for the wrong reasons. Whether spats with the coaching staff or reckless play on the pitch, the 20 year old never seems to get the benefit of the doubt from anyone. Which is why his most recent comments are a bit baffling:

Until June I am certainly at Manchester City. I have a five-year contract and can’t say anything.

What do I think of Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Ah, Ibra and I would make a very strong pairing

They are not baffling because of the nature of his remarks – a lack of complete commitment to his current squad and always hinting at moving to other clubs. They are baffling because of what awaits him at home, and he is fully aware of it.
Yesterday’s international friendly between Italy and Romania took place in Austria. Balotelli made a much anticipated start for his country, but any pre-match excitement was immediately squashed. Every time he touched the ball, whistles filled the stadium as Romanian supporters spewed racist chants and slogans at the Italian striker born of Ghanaian immigrants. However, this was not even the tip of the iceberg.

WAG Wednesday Part 11 – Melissa Castagnoli

10 Nov

Mario Ballotelli made his Premier League debut over the weekend with two goals and a red card. The Italian kicked out at an opponent prompting his marching orders, and a three match suspension which unfortunately rules him out of today’s enormous derby with Manchester United.

In his absence over the next few weeks, it seems only fitting to feature his wonderfully adorable girlfriend today, Melissa Castagnoli. The 19 year old former Miss Italy finalist was once brutally attacked by another girl jealous of her looks, resulting in a broken nose and some bruises.

Looks like she found the right guy to prevent that from happening again any time soon.

A beautiful and unblemished Ms. Castagnoli after the jump:
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WAG Wednesday Part 9 – Michela Quattrociocche

27 Oct

This adorable 21 year old was only recently granted permission to drink booze in the United States, although I’m sure Alberto Aquilani bought her plenty before that point. Luckily for Michela, Alberto has been loaned out to Juventus this season so she need not worry about spending the year in beautiful and picturesque Liverpool.

A Mediterranean climate and a Mediterranean diet for a tight Mediterranean body:

WAG Wednesday Part 5 – Ronaldinho’s very own Sara Tommasi

13 Oct

Sara Tommasi is Ronaldinho’s newest arm candy… Yes, it is barely believable how a man so ugly could attract such perfection. However, fame and fortune enable WAGs in the first place, and this guy surely has as all the fame and fortune anyone could ask for.

Well done buddy. You’ve made all of us decent looking guys feel completely inadequate.

More pics and a video after the jump: Continue reading

WAG Wednesday Part 4 – Cristina De Pin

6 Oct

Riccardo Montolivo has not scored many goals in five years with Fiorentina. Needless to say, the only score that really matters is his girlfriend, former playmate Cristina De Pin.

Things are looking up for the 25 year old – scoring twice already this season and being named the captain. It also doesn’t hurt to have this little playmate waiting for you at home every night.

Cheers to you Riccardo! Now if you don’t mind, here’s more pictures of your lady:


Mohawks ravage the city of Naples

6 Oct

Without question, Napoli’s Marek Hamsik has the BEST mohawk in all of football. Hamsik, in all his kindness, brought a photographer to his hair appointment the other day to show us the process of creating such a masterpiece.

The story does not end there, however. Accordingly, others who frequent this hair dresser want to look like their hero and shark fin madness has broken out. Young boys can’t take their eyes off autographed pictures of the midfielder hanging in front of them on the mirror, as the barber does his magic. Pretty soon, walking through Naples will be a dangerous proposition if you’re looking to get your eyes poked out.

Then again, it could be worse.

More photos of Hamsik and the mohawk orgy after the jump:

(Photos courtesy of

Anchorettes Part 2 – Spain & Italy

26 Aug

Aaaaah Mediterranean women. Elegant…smooth…olive colored skin…blissful perfumes and aromas. They’ll romance you with fine wines and rose petals. Think antiquity – beautiful women draped all over you, feeding grapes into your mouth. It’s quite an ideal utopia for any right-minded man. Back in reality though, we do our best to constrict to society’s rules of seduction and courting, and quite often find it a bit more difficult to conquer than our dream world…

In the same respect is our quest to meet, marry, and man-handle every hot body we see on television, all to often futile. The only thing that enables our fantasy to evolve is fixing our eyes on that television every week hoping our dream anchor will appear before us.

So, after a proper introduction to England and France’s cream of the crop a few weeks back, we turn to Italy and Spain whose domestic campaigns commence this weekend. Italy packs a strong punch, with supermodel looks and cunning reporting. The world champions, on the other hand, report their football the same way they play it – with class and a soft tenderness. Making beauty so incredibly simple. We are all blessed to bear witness to such magnificence on a weekly basis.

Let the battle for Mediterranean supremacy begin!


Laura Esposto – Sky Sport Italy and the Milan Channel. If these aren’t enough for you, and work is a bit slow today, feel free to check out her website for plenty more.

Federica Fontana – Move over boys. Not only will she promptly melt your screens, but she’s been known to commentate matches on occasion as well!! Don’t worry though, she still finds time to submit monthly photo shoots to GQ. Wow.

Elena Di Cioccio – Remember that bit about the “cunning reporting?” Well here she is, the one and only Italian reporter who tried getting a handful of Beckham’s crown jewels earlier this year.


Sonia Ferrer – The darling of Catalunya, Sonia wears her Barcelona pride on her sleeve for local channel TVE.

Sara Carbonero – No words can capture the essence of this woman…oh I almost forgot! Rumors abound (unsubstantiated to be fair) that Sara plans to pose for Brazilian Playboy. Please don’t let us down!

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