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It’s Friiiiday

30 Jul

La Liga may change start times to increase viewership in Asia (and stick it to the Premiership)

Disgusting displays of racism in Macedonia last night [Daily Mail]

Forget the MLS, Landon Donovan is weighing up his options for Europe []

Not quite sure what this 23 year old English lingerie model has to do with anything football related but it’s something nice for Friday [Elle Liberachi]

Franck Ribéry has come forward with more details. Turns out he had a full out orgy with the under-aged prostitute, her friend, and another of his comrades. They apparently kept switching throughout the night. Well done Franck. [Marca]

Reaction to Maradona’s departure [Soccernet]


Naked Truth

1 Jun

We’re all a bit tentative to support Argentina’s success in this tournament ever since Maradona said he’d run through the streets of Buenos Aires naked should they win. HOWEVER, a reprieve is at hand…

Ms. Luciana Salazar posted this on her twitter account a few days ago:

“Diego if Argentina wins I will join you at El Obelisco”

Soo now if Argentina wins, we get this, this, and this!!! (look over your shoulder before opening)

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