WAG Wednesday Part 25 – Sam Cooke

28 Mar

Young, promising, athletic, versatile, a salary of £50,000 a week, and an integral part of Manchester United’s present and future. What more could Chris Smalling ask for? How about Sam Cooke. Seems only logical that such an up-and-coming talent would attract a bombshell like Cooke, right?

Not really. He’s f*ck ugly. And no, she’s not attracted to his personality. Cooke frequents The Sun on a weekly basis posing half naked or in many cases completely topless. So it’s safe to assume she wouldn’t recognize personality if it hit her in the face.

But this shouldn’t be an indictment of her poor taste. Whether it’s Chris Smalling, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, or the Pillsbury Dough Boy, she’ll still melt your face no matter who she dates.


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