Millwall Supporter Flies Solo

28 Mar

Nobody enjoys losing, especially a paying customer at a sporting event. A sense of time wasted sets in, a stomach in knots thinking about what could have been, and in extreme cases of stupidity the need to commit an act of violence. Sometimes defiance substitutes nicely for flailing fists and in the case of one lonely Millwall supporter,  standing up to the thousands of traveling Leeds fans was an acceptable alternative.

In response to his team losing 1-0 at home, this man took on the entire North Stand hurling profanities and eventually issuing a “slit your throat” sign. All the while, the Leeds fans embraced this moron by serenading him with a few cheeky songs of their own to illuminate how completely insignificant his actions were.

You lost buddy so just deal with it. Your team is shit anyway sitting just a few points off relegation in England’s second division. There is really nothing more pathetic than a desperate supporter seeking an upper hand in defeat.


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