Women and Children Only at Turkish Football Matches

22 Sep

Men are pigs. Bullish, impatient, mindless, and above all selfish. It is why I only love women. And apparently, so do the Turks. In an effort to punish clubs for crowd trouble while acknowledging that such trouble comes from a small percentage of individuals, the Turkish Football Federation proposed barring all males over the age of 12 from the stands as punishment. So instead of playing behind closed doors in front of nobody, women and children to the front!

The first team to fall victim was Fenerbahce, who drew 1-1 with Manisaspur on Tuesday in front of 41,000 screaming women and children in the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. A pre-season pitch invasion against Shakhtar Donetsk prompted the Federation to act and the “no men” policy was born.

One would expect a rather tame atmosphere and very little attention paid to the match itself. However the women rocked the Sukru Saracoglu throughout the night with many holding signs reading “Welcome to Hell.” Each and every chant was sung with as much zeal as the ultras, albeit without the baritone.

The Turks should be commended for implementing this policy to punish only those responsible, and for having a female population that is not only extremely easy on the eye but also as enamored with football as the men. More matches like this and the women will start invading the pitch. Although I can hardly imagine the players taking issue with being gang tackled by a group of females…

Like I said, men are pigs.


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