Libyan Rebels Dislike Chelsea and Manchester United

22 Aug

A bright future looms on the horizon in Libya with spectacular scenes overnight of celebration and victory over the decades long dictatorship of Muammar el-Qaddafi. Many have lost their lives during this struggle but they should all be remembered as heroes.

As for those fighters still on the front line risking their lives, and the countless innocent victims of Qaddafi’s regime, one thing has stood out amongst the endless snapshots of war – football shirts.The biggest clubs from England, Spain, and Italy are most except two: Manchester United and Chelsea. Scores of videos and photographs have plastered TV screens and computers, and yet not a single shirt can be found representing the two Champions League finalists from 2008.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal (above), Juventus, Liverpool, Milan, Inter, and BOCA JUNIORS. Maybe they dislike Roman Abramovich’s oil billions? Perhaps they agree with Balotelli that Manchester is ugly? Whatever the reason is, the photographic evidence does not lie…

Argentina (second from right)






Barcelona (down in front)


Barcelona and Juventus


Barcelona and Milan


Real Madrid (second from left against the wall)


Inter Milan (those famous blue/black stripes could not be anything else)




Liverpool (second from left)


Liverpool and Boca Juniors

(photos courtesy of NY Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, El Pais, Washington Post)


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