Women’s World Cup Final Breaks Twitter Record

18 Jul

Move over fellas. The women are the biggest draw around this summer. With the viewing numbers set to be released in the next few days (and expect some records to be shattered), the internet has already revealed a new Twitter record for the Women’s World Cup final yesterday afternoon. The match between the United States and Japan drew an average 7,196 tweets per second at its peak, breaking the previously held record of 6,939 set just after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day.

Sunday’s theme was undoubtedly penalty kicks, as viewers watched Japan defeat the United States followed by Paraguay over Brazil just minutes later. The 3:00pm kick-off for the Copa America quarterfinal, 15 minutes after the Women’s World Cup match began, provided a continuous nail-biting climax for viewers. As a result, Brazil-Paraguay generated 7,166 tweets per second, claiming second place on the all-time list.

For a bit of perspective, here are the peaks from other recent major events:

5,530 – Earthquake/tsunami in Japan
5,106 – Bin Laden’s death
4,064 – Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay vs Pittsburgh
3,966 – Kate and William’s wedding
3,051 – 2010 men’s World Cup Final, Spain vs Holland

Granted with approximately 600,000 new Twitter users daily, more recent events will generate a greater volume of tweets. Regardless, it is a testament to this World Cup and the manner in which the women competed that so many people around the world were drawn to their television screens on Sunday afternoon. Drama, resilience, and the absence of simulation and diving made the final, and the entire tournament for that matter, a must-see event.

Now if only the men can learn to emulate that…


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