Where In The World Is… Arsene Wenger?

7 Jul

Off the coast of Corsica having quite an enjoyable time as his club falls apart piece by piece (or at least he was). It seems that in all aspects of life these days, Wenger is heading down a slippery slope. (Boy that was too easy!!) The Fabregas saga continues to drag out with the player becoming more frustrated each day. Clichy has already shipped off to the Middle Eastlands, while Nasri seems destined to follow – which side of Manchester is yet to be determined. Inter outbid them for Ricardo Alvarez, and it appears the previously considered surplus requirements now can’t find an interested buyer, yet Arsenal may be forced to keep them to fill roster spots as more players leave. At least Gervinho, another French-based unproven player, is en route to the Emirates.

And Wenger? Carefree as ever by the looks of these photos. Always the optimist, I’m sure that once the exodus is complete, he’ll claim that the current squad is as strong as it has ever been and will challenge for trophies.

Where are the reassurances that all will be well at the Emirates, as the rest of the big clubs in England bolster their squads? Where is the new great talent to convince supporters the 6.5% increase on season tickets is worth it?

Wenger’s silence is criminal, and his actions this transfer period are preposterous. He does not deserve this pirates of the Mediterranean yacht trip with Arsenal’s former Vice-Chairman David Dein while his club look set for a Europa League spot this coming season. But then again, Arsene knows best right?

More photos below:


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