WAG Wednesday Part 23 – Women’s World Cup

6 Jul

Please forgive me for not having presented the best football being played in the world right now (apologies to MLS, Copa America, and the “racially biased” Russian league), and you need look no further than the Women’s World Cup in Germany. Not only are there as many group stage goals now, twenty games in, as there were in South Africa last summer (51 compared to 39), but a number of them are some of the best pieces of technique and brilliance you will see all year.

Top of the list has to be the thunderous strike from East Brunswick, New Jersey’s very own Heather O’Reilly on Saturday afternoon against Sweden. O’Reilly latched on to the ball from about 30 yards out and ripped it inside-out past a keeper who couldn’t do anything but watch. Adding to the goal’s greatness was, of course, Ian Darke’s commentary – a voice that can make a great goal stand the tests of time. It was also personally special for this author, who had the pleasure of watching Heather in high school as she single-handedly tore apart team after team throughout the state. A trip to powerhouse North Carolina, taking up Mia Hamm’s number nine shirt, and a career that brought her all the way to Germany with that strike the other day, made it a truly special moment to watch.

Now unlike the Men’s World Cup last summer when countless models only conditionally stated they would strip, these girls have the mettle to actually do so. Therefore, in order to welcome the world to their country, the German team shed all for Playboy just before the tournament began. German hospitality, eh?

As for the rest of the lot, we’ve already had our first Brandi Chastian moment of the tournament. While celebrating with some home fans in the corner following her team’s 1-0 win over North Korea, Josefine Oqvist was greeted by a German fan looking to swap shirts in true post-game fashion. And just like her fellow German footballers, the straw-haired Swedish bombshell showed some skin, much to the delight of every fan in that section.



With that, you have every reason you need to watch this tournament. More photos of Josefine after the jump:


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