Justin Bieber Trains With Barcelona

7 Apr

Looks like the Biebs has some talents apart from moon-walking across the stage and singing about love and courting women at the ripe old age of 17. Ahead of a sold out performance Wednesday evening at the Palau Sant Jordi, the Canadian heart-throb decided against playing in the sandbox, and instead paid a visit to FC Barcelona’s training session.

The Biebster played a short scrimmage with Thiago Alcantara and Benja Martinez against Bojan, Andreu Fontas, and one of the singer’s cronies. Surprisingly, the little guy showed a bit of skill and composure on the ball. Not to mention a handy left foot.

This comes a day after JB spent time in Madrid, joining a scrimmage at a park decked out in his Barcelona kit. Believe it or not, the Madrid locals found very little interest passing him the ball. Whether it was his high-pitched boy-call demanding attention or the fact that he wore the enemy’s jersey is up for debate.

Following the scrimmage, Biebs and Bojan skipped home together and made a lego fort.


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