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Arsenal’s Next Great Prodigy

31 Mar

He may only be nine years old, but Gooner fans are already salivating at the prospect of this young Japanese boy filling their ranks at the Emirates. I’ve seen tons of videos of little kids (don’t draw any conclusions) showing skills on the ball no English player could ever dream about possessing, but this boy is quite unique. Namely his ability to move either left or right, and the confidence he has in doing so. Even the early childhood videos of Messi reveal his tendency to only go left.

What also makes this kid special is the final part of the video – his very own freestyle session – where he dribbles in his living room and somewhere outside. He’s not only talented but apparently extremely arrogant!

Now why, at such a young age having made no contact with any club, is he headed to North London already? Just watch the video. He dribbles, and dribbles, and dribbles, and dribbles, registering only one or two shots the entire time. He seems more content walking the ball into the net.

Quite simply, he is the perfect Arsenal player.


WAG Wednesday Part 21 – Svetlana Raznatovic

30 Mar

Don’t let her bubbly assets fool you as we christen the very first “criminal intent” version of WAG Wednesday. She is as honest and moral as those boobs are real. Ms. Raznatovic aka Ceca is a famous Serbian pop singer, although her glamorous life and star status in the eyes of the public came to a screeching halt when she married Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, leader of the paramilitary force known as Arkan’s Tigers who were accused of committing genocide and crimes against humanity during the Kosovo War. Arkan was assassinated before he could be brought to trial.

Now widowed, Ceca was left with two children and FK Obilic – the soccer team her husband owned. As of today, they sit in the lowest league possible although it has not shielded her from controversy.

Ceca is due in court after she was indicted by the prosecutor’s office in Belgrade for embezzling money on the sale of ten players from the club to the tune of almost 11 millions euros. The club rarely saw any of the transfer money as most wound up in her pocket.

A cold-hearted bitch? Perhaps. You think the ladies in prison will complain if she becomes they’re new play pal? No chance. Find out why after the jump.

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Real Madrid Blackballs Shakira

30 Mar

Just another chapter in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona rivalry.

No couple has garnered more attention and criticism over the past few months than Shakira and Gerard Pique. On the one hand, the guy is punching above his weight by about 10 years so who are we to cry foul? On the other hand, a noticeable drop in performance has plagued Pique recently and I’m assuming that lack of sleep has EVERYTHING to do with it… Tabloids aside, the general public seems to have embraced the couple and avoided affecting their daily lives. Until now.

Real Madrid decided that Shakira’s relationship with the Barcelona center back automatically classifies her as a Barcelona supporter by association. As such, officials at the club have decided to remove any and all Shakira music from the Bernabeu speakers. Her vocal dribble known as “Waka Waka” was a staple prior to matches.

Considering the excessive and abhorrent sums of money Madrid shells out on players and anything else to ensure they top all categorical rankings, it’s safe to assume the Columbian diva is waving goodbye to a decent amount of royalties.

Madrid fans are rejoicing as this decision represents the closest they have come to defeating Barcelona at anything over the past three years…

(Photo courtesy of El Mundo Deportivo)

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