Brazilian Medic Drops Stretcher

24 Jan

On Sunday, Desportivo Brazil and Flamengo faced off in the first semifinal of the Copa São Paulo junior tournament. A boring 0-0 draw resulted in penalty kicks, during which Flamengo blanked their opponents 3-0 to reach the final.

However, the real highlight of the match came in the second half when Brazil’s Gladestony went down injured. Unable to remove himself from the pitch, the medics and stretcher were called for assistance, yet only provided more discomfort to the player. One of the individuals gave a rather dubious effort at lifting Gladestony, and continually dropped the stretcher. He also dropped his ass on Gladestony’s face twice. Finally, the referee intervened and offered advice to the hapless young man, although a straight red card and ejection from the facilities would have been more appropriate.

This brings to mind some famous altercations between players and ball boys, during which the visiting players found themselves on the wrong end of a young lad’s “playful” charade. Home field advantage? We always hear of crowd noise and size of the pitch, but perhaps little kids running along the sideline and incompetent medics are the true measure of home field advantage.

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  1. The Commish January 24, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    Welcome back!

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