WAG Wednesday Part 19 – Kayla Collins

12 Jan

Ashley Cole’s blockbuster divorce from Cheryl in late 2010 rocked the tabloid world and sent shock waves throughout millions of households worldwide… Okay so maybe that’s a bit over the top. Still, the high profile split put Cashley right back into the WAG game and he wasted no time finding a new mistress in 24-year-old American Playboy playmate Kayla Collins. Other than appearing naked in the August 2008 issue, Collins has been waiting for her next big gig to launch her into the spotlight. That gig has finally come in the form of the Chelsea and England left back.

How serious are they? Well Cole has already invited her to move into his lavish Surrey mansion, and they’ve been dating less than a month. Sooo, the sex must be great or she has a great personality… Judging by these pictures, I’ll go with option A. (As always, her Playboy spread is for you to seek out on your own. We’re children friendly here!)


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