Ronaldinho Is Very Ticklish

3 Jan

With his time in Europe set to expire, and the ludicrous rumors of a potential transfer to Blackburn since quashed, Ronaldinho spent the last week in Rio in order to rest and visit friends and family devour some good ol’ home cooking. At the moment, it appears that Gremio (his former club), Flamengo, and Palmeiras comprise the shortlist to secure the services of the 30-year-old.  It is indeed surprising that the Brazilian is only 30, as I would imagine most people considered he was much older. And that being said, he should have a few healthy years left in his career – healthy being the optimal word…

As it stands, the pictures surfacing from his visit speak to a common theme which has overshadowed everything related to Ronaldinho over the past few years – food. Lots of food. As you can see above, Ronaldinho enjoyed a night of gorging at a local restaurant, and was happy to pose as Buddha alongside the buffet – allowing onlookers to rub his belly for good luck.

Once the tickling session ended, it was down to business. For the three clubs jockeying for his signature, pictures like these are only the tip of the iceberg of what can be expected from the late night party-goer when he returns home for good. Just look at this face, lapping up the site of bountiful culinary pleasures to appease his ever-craving appetite. Those are the eyes of a tiger intent on devouring its prey. Nothing will ever get in between that.


(Photos courtesy of Corriere dello Sport)


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