WAG Wednesday Part 17 – Alena Seredova

15 Dec

Deciding if Alena or her fiance is more beautiful is one of the toughest questions facing football fans today. Her fiance, of course, is Gigi Buffon – the longtime Juventus keeper who is one of the best Italian looking Italians out there. However, today is WAG Wednesday, not stag Wednesday, so lets just focus on the 32-year-old Czech model.

Seredova is an extremely successful model for, among others, Penthouse Europe and Playboy Europe (feel free to research those pictorials on your own). She is also the co-owner of an Italian clothing line called Baci e Abbracci along with serial WAG playboy Christian Vieri. And she may be the only model known to man who has not slept with Vieri at some point.

Oh yeh, she also does photo shoots with her younger sister…enjoy!


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