Manchester United Buy Themselves New Fans

13 Dec

Or something like that. Today’s crucial clash between Manchester United and Arsenal will feature some guests of honor at Old Trafford – 23 of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for a little over a month. Sir Bobby Charlton, whose father was a miner, suggested they be invited to the match and the Red Devils jumped at the notion of attracting new supporters who are in no way spiteful of the current American ownership.

Better yet, the trip is being organized by Chilean wine producer Concha y Toro – a sponsor for Manchester United and undoubtedly a supplier of Sir Alex Ferguson’s fine reds for post-match pleasantries.

As mentioned after their rescue, many of the miners are proud football supporters of mostly local clubs in Chile. A few of them even arose from the mine draped in their team’s flags or clutching a soccer ball. From a brush with death to the theater of dreams in only a few months time must seem like nothing short of a miracle for these men.

It will also be a miracle if Arsenal’s defense can keep a clean sheet and if United’s mediocre midfield can find a way to slow down Samir Nasri. Not watching this match would be a fatal error.

(Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail)


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