Rafael Van Der Vaart Is Sub-Zero

9 Dec

Rafael Van Der Vaart is trying anything to return to the pitch as quick as possible. After tearing his hamstring a little over a week ago against Liverpool, the Tottenham man feared an extensive lay-off of about four weeks. However, a visit to controversial Dutch physiotherapist Dick van Toorn may accelerate Van Der Vaart’s return a bit.

The cure? A cold chamber. How cold? How’s -90 degrees Celsius (-130 Fahrenheit) for ya!! “I could have had a heart attack. Such an ordeal I have never experienced,” said Van Der Vaart after the three minute freeze. That was most likely the longest 180 seconds any man has ever experienced.

Van Toorn has come under scrutiny for supplying short-term solutions, increasing the risk of greater injury in the future. Although much of that scrutiny has revolved around Bayern Munich’s complaints of his treatment of Arjen Robben and the recurrence of his injuries. Drop a glass on the floor and try re-assembling it – that’s what treating Robben is like. So it may be a bit rash to make such generalizations about the doc.

As for Rafa, he now hopes to be back in time for Sunday’s match against Chelsea, although next week’s date with Blackpool may be more likely. He was also quite happy with the results, although he did mention a few side effects:

“My major body parts had shrunk to minimum size. But my leg is doing better. In two weeks I will be able to play again.”

So the myth about shrinkage is indeed true!! Sylvie would probably have preferred her husband remain injured rather than risking any chance of children for the sake of returning to work 7-14 days earlier. Tottenham fans won’t complain.

(Photo courtesy of Bild.de)


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