Guti Says He Was Sober. Really!?

7 Dec

I was waiting for the video and now it’s here! If you haven’t heard, the former Real Madrid and current Besiktas midfielder drove his car the wrong way on a one-way street and crashed into an oncoming bus at about 4:00am in Istanbul. No injuries were reported and for the most part his car came away unscathed save a broken rear-view mirror.

Speaking with the Madrid based newspaper Marca, Guti said after the accident:

“Everything is being taken out of proportion. I understand that here in Turkey the press over exaggerates my actions, but it was a complete lie that I was drunk.”

Not drunk you say? For starters, your eyes are closed and you’re clearly singing to yourself, out loud, and out of tune. And the stumbling belligerency? It’s one thing to feint injury on the field and scam everyone watching, but we all know that’s crap. This is some bona fide drunk stupidity – barely unable to keep yourself upright as you helplessly flail at the surrounding press. It’s not even worth it to fake your intoxication because there is nothing funny about punishment from local law enforcement!

By the way, reports today suggest his blood alcohol content was five times the legal Turkish limit. He has since been charged with drunk driving and his license suspended for six months.

(Photo Courtesy of Marca)


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