Violent Scenes In Birmingham

2 Dec

The English can’t do anything right these days. And this evening, on the very eve of the World Cup announcement for 2018 and 2022, terrible scenes of violence and flares marred the Carling Cup quarterfinal match between Birmingham City and Aston Villa. The 2nd city derby is an extremely ugly one, perhaps not always evident to outsiders, but there is endless hate for the opposition coursing through the veins of both clubs’ supporters.  Birmingham defeated their crosstown neighbors at home 2-1 prompting an immediate pitch invasion from the fans.

With no interest in truly celebrating, the fans ran straight to the visiting supporters in order to taunt and instigate. Villa fans responded by ripping seats out and throwing them towards the mass of humanity, followed by an extensive volley of flares to and fro between the groups of supporters.

First off, the Birmingham authorities should be embarrassed for not properly dispatching enough security officials before the match. It’s not the first time these two clubs have faced each other (119 to be exact), and they now look incredibly irresponsible for not preparing accordingly. Secondly, England have already done more than any other bid in history to ruin their chances of securing a World Cup, and this surely could not have helped matters. Does Prince Harry need to travel to Switzerland now to clean up this mess?

Meaningless fines and slaps on the wrists will result. We’ll know for sure in about 12 hours whether or not there are wider ramifications.

A more extensive video of the violence after the jump

(Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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