Get To Know The World Cup Bids

1 Dec

We are less than a day away from FIFA’s announcement of who will host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. After months upon months of politicking, accusations, revelations of bribes, cheating, and sweet-talking, we can finally conclude what has arguably been the most intense and shocking fight to host the greatest tournament in the world. It will be the first time FIFA chooses two host countries at the same time, in an effort to pillage maximum profit with a single package of media rights for both tournaments.

Save the FIFA bashing for another time. What is most important for us, the fans, is where exactly and how far we will need to travel. South Africa was clearly a nightmare this past summer from all reports, and the empty stadiums were proof of that. Australia, Korea, Japan, Qatar, and the depths of Russia are accessible but surely not the most affordable. Meanwhile, the European countries as well as the United States would be a dream come true.

So rather than go into the minute details of each bid, which could take months, I have instead provided you with the “bid videos” for each country – short snippets of the cities and stadium designs jockeying for World Cup glory. Enjoy!! (I HIGHLY recommend watching Qatar and Russia’s video. And of course, ours)

2018 – Holland/Belgium

2018 – England

2018 – Portugal/Spain

2018 – Russia

2022 – USA

2022 – Australia

2022 – Japan

2022 – Qatar

2022 – South Korea


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