Sara Carbonero Receives The BEST Anniversary Gift EVER

24 Nov

Last Thursday, Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas and his incredibly gorgeous wife Sara Carbonero celebrated their one year anniversary. And what a year it has been, with both celebs basking in the spotlight all too often. Poor Sara was brutally attacked by the Spanish press as the reason for Spain’s loss to Switzerland in the group stages of the World Cup. She tripped backstage at a talk show revealing a little bit of love for everyone to see.

Luckily, her boyfriend is simply the perfect man. Casillas more or less told everyone to shove it, and after lifting Spain’s first ever World Cup trophy, he grabbed his girl for a passionate kiss live on TV. He also prevented his belligerent teammates from getting Sara all liquored up on the plane home. Ain’t he just dreamy?

However, Saint Iker has made every chivalrous moment of this past year look like child’s play with his latest move. For their one year anniversary, Casillas gave Sara what we all she hoped for – boob job!!

Sara went under the knife at Nisa Pardo de Caravaca Hospital over the weekend and hopes to be back on our screens this week just in time for El Clasico.

How anyone in their right mind will focus on the game itself on Monday is a mystery. But if the league was worried viewership would be down because of the schedule change, I believe a solution has been found.


2 Responses to “Sara Carbonero Receives The BEST Anniversary Gift EVER”

  1. Karen December 12, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    This article is idiotic, Sara was not accused to have distracted Iker during that match by the Spanish Press, that is purely a rumour started by the British Press. She is his girlfriend not his wife and the breast augmentation story likely to be 99.9% false.

  2. idoru November 25, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    She is not his wife, but his girlfriend.

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