Ibrahimovic And His Agent Go Too Far – Barcelona Block Payments

17 Nov

There has been to decrease of pathetic, classless, insulting remarks from former Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his stupid, gluttonous agent Mino Raiola. To start with, the gangly Swede has used every breathe over the past few weeks and months to slander the Barcelona manager and his image.

He has repeatedly mocked Pep Guardiola calling him a “philosopher” – claiming he is no better than any other manager or player in the game – that he barely had anything to do with Barcelona’s success. Just a few days ago, he told reporters that Guardiola thinks of himself as Ghandi. “He seems to think he invented Barcelona’s style of play.”

As if that wasn’t enough, his agent joined the fray yesterday stating, “I think [Johan] Cruyff and Guardiola should go to a mental institution, shut their mouths, and play cards. They would be doing a great favor to Barcelona and the modern game.”

Enough is enough. For all the bad blood and supposed bust-ups between manager and player, Ibra is long gone and has almost single-handedly carried AC Milan to the top of Serie A. Upon transferring to Milan, he and his agent made out like bandits with Barcelona’s money. So why must they keep pestering and badgering?

There is no rational answer. And luckily, Barcelona Football Club have slammed their fists in response. In an official statement, the club defended their coach and, effective immediately, threw the book at Raiola:

Futbol Club Barcelona considers inadmissible the recent statements issued by Mino Raiola, which have attacked the honor and moral integrity of our manager, Pep Guardiola, and Mr. Johan Cruyff.

These statements have been published by the Swedish daily newspaper “Expressen” and widely reported by numerous agencies and international media.

In this regard, the Legal Department is considering legal action against Mr. Mino Raiola, including criminal proceedings.Taking effect immediately, FC Barcelona has blocked all outstanding payments to Mr. Raiola as per his contractual agreement with the club.

I do wish they had mentioned Ibrahimovic in here, but on second thought, that would only bring the club down to his level. Everyone in their right mind knows that the stupidity coming from Ibra’s mouth is exactly that. He’s the one looking like an ass. Raiola is a different story altogether – a businessman and an agent. He deserves everything the club has threatened him with.


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