Scouse in the City – Kim Cattrall attends Liverpool match

9 Nov

Once a scouse, always a scouse. Kim Cattrall, better known as Samantha Jones having more than plenty of sex in the city, re-embraced her childhood roots by attending the Liverpool vs Chelsea match over the weekend at Anfield.

Liverpool captain Stevie Gerrard invited Cattrall as his guest to sit in his private box, just in front of the skipper’s bodacious blonde wife, Alex Curran. And while Curran undoubtedly recognized the Sex in the City star, I can assure you the feeling wasn’t mutual. I guess making the back pages for prancing around in Gucci handbags with your children dressed in Louis Vuitton outfits is not breaking news outside of England.

You’re probably unaware of the fact that Cattrall was born in Liverpool and promptly relocated with her family to Canada at 3 months. However, she returned at the age of 11 when her grandmother became ill, until departing once again at the age of 16. The year of her departure saw Liverpool win the English First Division and UEFA Cup, a nice sending off for the aspiring actress.

Scheduled to perform in a production of Antony and Cleopatra in Liverpool’s Playhouse theater, Cattrall could be seen belting out the club’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” both before and after the match. And rightfully so, as her club defeated league leading Chelsea 2-0 off two splendid Fernando Torres goals.

More photos of Kim’s afternoon after the jump:



(Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail)




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