Facebook has spoken: Puyol will play until 40

5 Nov

About a month ago, reports claimed that Carles Puyol had confided in a friend that he would play until 40 if a Facebook group for the cause attracted 250,000 followers. Well, it appears the power of Facebook has succeeded once again.

As of today, November 5th, the group named Carles Puyol: “If this gets 250,000 I will retire at 40”, has surpassed the benchmark and currently boasts 251,082 followers. Carles has not released an official statement as of yet, but Barcelona, Spanish, and giant hair supporters around the globe will be thrilled with the opportunity to watch the Rock of Gibraltar compete for another EIGHT years.

Why not? The guy still plays at an extremely high level and his partnership with Pique has grown exponentially in a relatively short period of time. He does not appear to be slowing, nor has Guardiola ceased to put him at right back when needed. It’s safe to assume that Facebook or not, Puyol probably anticipated playing a few more seasons as long as injuries did not get in the way (and he has been pretty healthy over the past few years).

I attribute his endurance to Malena Costahis young brand new, super hot girlfriend.

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