Stop, drop, and roll

2 Nov

Over the years, we’ve witnessed some jaw dropping spectacles on the field. From goal celebrations, to pre-match rituals, to violent confrontations among players and/or fans, the sport has produced moments etched in history which leave every viewer wondering, “what the fuck just happened?!”

This video, for me, could very well be my top “wtf” moment (it’s a close contest with toothbrush guy from the Chelsea match).

In a match televised around the world, Lisen battled Jihlava B in an epic Czech 3rd division tussle. Already up 3-0, the Lisen players decided to add a little fun to their romp. As one of the center-backs booted the ball in the air, someone on the sidelines screamed out “Kotoul,” or “roll” at which point the entire team dropped into a forward roll.

Granted this was a 3rd division match, the stunt was actually somewhat humorous, and I would imagine most of the players are part time professionals. However, as an opponent, I would have pummeled every player on the Lisen squad – both on the field and in the dugout. There is a certain level of respect that this game warrants, and the Lisen players showed none. It’s one thing to celebrate a goal while the game is stopped. But during the run of play?! They deserved a proper ass kicking.


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