French airline offers Ribery prostitute discount

21 Sep

Passengers on Corsair were offered an end of summer deal – buy one ticket and get the second 50% off. In fact, one of these exclusive coupons was named after Franck [Ribery] and his 18 year old sex pal, Zahia (prostitute not included). The coupons read as mock quotes from four different couples, saying the following:

“For that price, I’d take Zahia” – Franck

So if I use that coupon, does that ensure a prostitute will be seated next to me? Or does it mean I’m the prostitute flying to a client? Corsair is the airlines on which Ribery flew the now famous escort to meet him in Munich for evenings, and afternoons and mornings I would imagine, of scarface passion. Not a bad marketing ploy at all.

The airlines has since removed the advertisement and France’s most overrated player is now demanding an apology. Fat chance buddy. Nobody owes you an apology for making light of your sex-capades with an underage girl. This is the price you pay for committing adultery. It sucks, but at least your wife hasn’t filed for devorce yet!

If for some reason you forgot what Zahia looks like, or you want to be refreshed, take the jump.

Imagine sitting next to her on a plane?


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