Blaspheming Octopus!!

19 Jul

Apparently we’re all going to hell for buying into Paul’s predictions this World Cup (or some of us are).

Rabbi David Stav – the Rabbi of the small town of Shoham in Israel – has lashed out at pretty much everyone for putting their faith in the sixth sense of this creature. Rabbi Stav believes the very use of Paul goes against all aspects of Jewish law.

According to him, having Paul predict the games represented an “expression of moral bankruptcy that plagues the Western World.” 

“These forms of prediction are contrary to Jewish law.” 

He went on say that, “the Jewish community has been capable of cultivating the mind in the fields of science and medicine, and has reached great achievements.”  Rabbi Stav is unimpressed with Paul’s performance and believes that all faithful Jews should not applaud him.

Ahem. As a big ol’ Jew myself, this is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard. I do understand where he comes from in that Paul can be perceived as a false prophet (he did correctly guess all 7 games), and we all know how the bible treats false prophets. But to accuse the West of moral ineptitude as a result of using an octopus to pick it’s favorite clam is a joke!! Does this really mean that we are incapable of making intelligent decisions and predictions?! Is the entire system crumbling beneath our very feet?!?! No. I think not.

Now I have no clue which team this guy supports, and it’s pretty safe to say he doesn’t have one. It also looks like I have been cast ino the faithless Jews colony (it’s right next door to the leper colony).

Hopefully I won’t succumb to the curse of Paul or else you’ll all be looking for a new site to read…


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