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Man Boob

30 Jul

Doesn’t look like this Valerenga player wore his sports bra during yesterday’s friendly against Barcelona.

(Photo courtesy of MundoDeportivo)


It’s Friiiiday

30 Jul

La Liga may change start times to increase viewership in Asia (and stick it to the Premiership)

Disgusting displays of racism in Macedonia last night [Daily Mail]

Forget the MLS, Landon Donovan is weighing up his options for Europe []

Not quite sure what this 23 year old English lingerie model has to do with anything football related but it’s something nice for Friday [Elle Liberachi]

Franck Ribéry has come forward with more details. Turns out he had a full out orgy with the under-aged prostitute, her friend, and another of his comrades. They apparently kept switching throughout the night. Well done Franck. [Marca]

Reaction to Maradona’s departure [Soccernet]

Who Wears Short Shorts?

30 Jul

Joe Cole was training the other day with new club Liverpool and – well – the thing is there really are shorts under there. At least I really hope there are.

But in truth it is no surprise to see young master Cole prancing around like this. He’s had quite an extensive and well documented career of short shorts. Which got me thinking, I’d love to see Joe’s thighs through the years and maybe some of the inspiration behind it…

What better inspiration than the greatest player in history?
Joe was a member of West Ham from age 13 until he turned 22. He wasted no time making his mark.
Shortest shorts on the biggest club in London
No bigger stage to hike ’em up than while playing for your country
Perhaps his wife’s short shirts served as inspiration
Wouldn’t be complete without this guy.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

29 Jul

Sara and Iker are still stateside and the other day spent a little time at the pool…

There’s really nothing left to say.  Full gallery this way.

Manchester United Rolls Over MLS All-Stars

29 Jul

Last night’s 5-2 drubbing was comical at times. Mostly though, it was a highlight real of great goal after great goal for the English side. A clinic of how the game is played. MLS All-Stars? Not so much…

MLS’ All Star Crock

29 Jul

Events over the past 2 days have clearly illustrated why MLS will never be a significant entity until changes are made. The mentality in this country is skewed as it’s become more and more apparent how much football has been Americanized into soccer. On the one hand there’s no choice. Everyone agrees this isn’t our sport and without tweaking it a bit to cater to the American public, it would never survive. However, this country still has a duty to respect the game, and quite frankly, we don’t.

I’ll get to the All Star game in a bit, but let’s start with the Los Angeles Galaxy – this year’s premiere team in MLS. They have dominated all competition so far winning 12, losing 2, and drawing 4. They’ve scored the most goals in the league and given up the fewest. Topping the Western Conference, they are still 9 points clear of second place Real Salt Lake and 6 points ahead of the Eastern Conference leader. You get the point – they ain’t too shabby. The Galaxy took all this talent into Tuesday’s CONCACAF Champions League qualifying match against the Puerto Rico Islanders who play in the USL – America’s second tier league. Puerto Rico soundly thumped them 4-1 in Los Angeles. 4-1!! What a disgrace. LA is the face of Major League Soccer captained by arguably the most noticeable player on the planet right now in Landon Donovan. There shouldn’t be any club team on the continent who comes close. Yet, in our Champions League, what should be the most prestigious tournament for club teams playing in CONCACAF, the Galaxy simply couldn’t care less.

This is a problem. It slaps this very sport in the face. Nobody outside of America gives any credit to the champion of the world’s “retirement league.” You need legitimacy and respect, and the only way you’re going to get that is by achieving continental success. Take Celtic and Rangers from Scotland in a league that rivals MLS for mediocrity. However, both those clubs compete yearly in the UEFA Champions League or Europa League and at times have made a significant run. The only reason you know about them (aside from playing in the United Kingdom) is that they’ve had historical success in Europe. The point I’m trying to make is that the Galaxy are this year’s Celtic/Rangers. But dominating at home means nothing. And yes, CONCACAF doesn’t have the Barcelonas or the Inter Milans or the Liverpools. But this is our continent’s premiere club tournament and once again, America only cares about themselves. They don’t understand what it means to respect a major tournament of some of the very best football clubs on this side of the Atlantic.

Think I’m out of line? The United States sent a C team to the Copa America in 2009 while Brazil and Argentina and the likes sent their very best. We have since been uninvited to the tournament. Why would we do such a thing? Because we were more worried about winning the terribly difficult Gold Cup to book a trip to the Confederations Cup in South Africa. (Remember when we beat Spain?) We were more worried about beating Haiti, Grenada, and Panama with our very best than going toe to toe with some of the world’s best in South America. Let’s go one step further. Bruce Arena and Landon Donovan, after being crushed on Tuesday, jumped on a late-night plane to fly to Houston for the annual…

MLS ALL-STAR GAME!! America’s signature gift to the world. Where we parade the very best of our top league to play against one of Europe’s popular teams. A pathetic spectacle of epic proportions. I will admit that there are logical reasons for doing so, most notably the money. Nobody can argue with MLS packing over 70,000 people into a stadium to watch a football game, especially when Manchester United features. But I am thoroughly pleased that the “all-stars” got their asses kicked last night by a bunch of kids who in their late teens and early twenties are better than 95% of the players MLS can offer. Why is this even necessary? Why must MLS interrupt it’s season and distract club teams all for TV ratings and money? Why on Earth was Landon Donovan on that field if only for the last 15 minutes a day after he played a full 90?!

The whole thing stinks. You don’t think Donovan got a call from someone telling him he had to show his face on the field in Houston? I would have said, “F**k off. My club team has a Champions League match and we are the only chance you have of an MLS side achieving credibility on the continent. Who cares about a silly exhibition?” Unfortunately, Landon is a bigger man than that and he knows his importance to the sport here. But the very fact that he most likely received such a message is the heart of the issue.

I can’t think of anything more embarrassing and damaging to the sport in this country than what happened last night.
Major League Soccer took a big hit this week. It couldn’t be any clearer. People across Europe will read about how United’s bench players ripped to shreds the very best America’s domestic league has to offer. People across North and Central America will read about how a petty island team from Puerto Rico walked into the home of MLS’ most dominant team and beat em’ like a bunch a school girls.

Hang your heads because there is nothing to be proud of today for fans of the sport here.

Carlos Tevez is Getting Grimey

27 Jul

I’ll just get right to the point. Carlos Tevez (26) has decided women his age aren’t mature enough so he’s chosen an 18 year old actress named Brenda Asnicar instead.

It was reported a few weeks back that Tevez and his new squeeze were dating behind the scenes. Nobody truly knew anything concrete as the couple remained hush hush and out of sight. Until now…

Brenda broke her silence on a radio interview saying, “He’s very handsome, but I am very careful about my private life.” Hold on one second there missy. Handsome?! Maybe she’s just too young to truly appreciate a handsome man, because the last time I checked, her boyfriend looks more like Ugly Betty than Fabio. Let’s just hope there’s no neck foreplay.

Brenda is a tricky WAG to cover, and for obvious reasons. Please be assured that she turned the legal age to buy cigarettes in the U.S. when these photos were taken.

Practice Makes Perfect

27 Jul

Creativity in the Spanish camp apparently runs through every level of their national football program. The U-19 squad converted this cheeky, cheeky, cheeky free kick against England today in the semi-finals of the U-19 European Championships.

Right off the training pitch:

Steve Cherundolo Named Captain

27 Jul

America’s own Stevie Chode (c’mon he looks a bit like one and there ain’t much else to do with his last name) has been named Hannover 96’s captain for the upcoming season.

He becomes only the fourth American in the history of EVER to wear the captain’s armband for a European club. Unfortunately though, this honor has been rudely similar to the well documented Madden curse. Claudio Reyna was first as he took the armband for German side VfL Wolfsburg in 1997. Midway through his second season with the club he was shipped to Rangers. Brian McBride became captain of Fulham prior to the 2007/08 season only to bang up his knee early in the season keeping him inactive for 5 months. And Kasey Keller served as Borussia Mönchengladbach’s captain for a whopping 1 season before moving to England in 2007.

Let’s not belittle this achievement though. At 31 and coming off a wonderful World Cup, Steve still has plenty to offer his club. Come to think of it, it seems only appropriate that Hannover bestowed this honor upon him after 11 years of service (it is the only club he has played for in his career). Americans scatter throughout Europe to play their football – from the Premiership and La Liga to second divisions in France or the Netherlands. It is extremely rare to find an American that has stuck with one squad for so long, and this new honor is a testament to Steve’s abilities as a player and leader.

Let’s just hope it lasts a bit longer than his predecessors.

Sara Carbonera has a new gig

27 Jul

The love of my life is in the news again. And frankly, any news involving her is BIG news on this site.

Sara has signed on with Italian TV giant Mediaset Premium owned by AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi. She will serve as the Spanish correspondent for the weekly wrap-up show called Premium Calcio. The people of Italy should be thankful that Spain is in good spirits since winning the World Cup. It is not often the winner shares its spoils!

How might we benefit from her new role? Well unless you’ve got a dish forget it. However, everyone in San Francisco had an opportunity to gawk the other week as she and Iker went on holiday. Faux-honeymoon photos this way.

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