Nigel de Jong is garbage

15 Jun

Infamous now for his terribly late tackle on Stuart Holden in a friendly, Nigel de Jong has cemented himself as a scumbag. I never thought he was the best holding midfielder to begin with and Manchester City surely paid way too much for him.

Well yesterday I’m watching Holland take on the Denmark when THIS HAPPENDED (44 seconds in). It’s late, two footed, studs up, and easily could have broken bones in Martin Jorgensen’s foot. That was 100 times more a red card than Cahill’s!! How the ref missed it standing right there I have no idea. Of course he followed that tackle up in the 44th minute hacking down Bendtner about an hour after he had passed the ball on which finally resulted in a yellow card.

It seems pretty obvious to me that this ref did not prepare properly for this match. If you’re good at what you do, then you know which players are known to be dirty and you look out for it, especially in a World Cup. Somebody is going to get hurt at the hands of this prick very soon unless his tackles are punished.


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